Instead of a New Year’s Promise

Integrity: consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations and outcome. (Wikipedia)

By Chuck Swindoll, Dallas Theological Seminar

  1. Sustained cultivation of character
  2. Continued relief of a clear conscience
  3. Personal delight of intimacy with God
  4. Priceless inheritance of a lingering legacy
  5. Rare priviledge of being a mentor
  6. The crowning reward of finishing well

Watch the whole sermon here.

About Markus Jaaskelainen

Markus Jaaskelainen is a professional photographer specialising in corporate photography with a strong ability and passion in all areas, including portraits, architectural, events, products and stock photography. Since 2012, Markus has worked in his own company on numerous client projects. Markus' focus is on achieving the best results creatively while ensuring the customers needs are met every time.


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