Not Every One Who Drinks Is a Poet

A lot of the time I find movies boring. Sometimes, though, I do stumble on a brilliant picture that captures my imagination even after several viewings.

More often than not, the thing that sells me to a movie is the writing — and especially the dialogue.

The wonderful dialogue reproduced here is from an equally wonderful movie, Arthur, starring Dudley Moore, Liza Minnelli and John Gielgud. Arthur tells the story of a happy drunk who is heir to a vast fortune — which he stands to lose when he falls in love with a poor waitress/acting student from Queens (Minnelli) and refuses to marry the girl his and the girl’s families have chosen for him.

In the following scene a hopelessly drunk Arthur finally proposes to Susan (played by Jill Eikenberry) at a fancy restaurant in New York.


Susan: Arthur, don’t you get it? You can get drunk, you can throw up, you can forget to call me for months. You can’t lose with me. I know you too well. And I’m much stronger than you are. I know how alone you are. I hate how alone you are. I’ve cried because you’re so alone. Don’t be afraid, Arthur. You’re never going to be alone again.

Arthur: Waiter! I’ll have another one. You wanna another fish?

Susan: Don’t drink anymore, Arthur.

Arthur: Susan…

Susan: Yes, Arthur?

Arthur: You’re such an arsehole! This is what I am! Every one who drinks is not a poet. Some of us drink because we’re not poets.

Susan: A real woman could stop you from drinking.

Arthur: It’ll have to be a real big woman.

Susan: Arthur, will you take my hand?

Arthur: That would leave you with one. Sorry. Here’s the hand.

Susan: I love you, Arthur.

Arthur: Good. I have to talk to the waiter now. (To the waiter: ) My doctor has adviced me that I must drink ten of these an hour.

Waiter: I understand, mister Bach.

Arthur (to Susan): This is the ring my grandfather gave to my grandmother. (cough) Then he died. And subsequently she gave it to me.

Susan: I’ll always love you, Arthur.

Arthur: It’s a great ring, isn’t it?

Susan: It’s a beautiful ring! It’s a magical night.

Arthur: Do you have any objection to naming a child Vladimir… even a girl?

Susan: Ask me, Arthur.

Arthur: Will you marry me, Susan? Take all weekend If you want.

Susan: Yes!

Arthur: Congratulations! Would you mind if I took you home? I’ve… I’ve got a terrible headache or something…

About Markus Jaaskelainen

Markus Jaaskelainen is a professional photographer specialising in corporate photography with a strong ability and passion in all areas, including portraits, architectural, events, products and stock photography. Since 2012, Markus has worked in his own company on numerous client projects. Markus' focus is on achieving the best results creatively while ensuring the customers needs are met every time.

One comment

  1. Keith

    A great scene from one of the best movies ever. Few movies have more great lines.


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